Tommyrotter American Gin is pot-distilled in small batches to articulate a deliberate blend of infused herbs, fruits, roots and flowers. A truly artful take on what American Gin should be; smooth, complex, and the perfect backbone for a classic cocktail. 42% alc./vol. 84 proof.
Tommyrotter Cask Strength Bourbon-Barrel Gin is aged for six month in a brand new, white American oak barrel with a #3 char. In other words, this is a very speecial spirit and one that we release only twice a year. True liquor enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that we refuse to chill filter this golden child; allowing all proteins and esters to remain intact. Enjoy according to your prefrered dilution. 61% alc/vol. 122 proof.
Tommyrotter Small Batch Vodka offers a clean, balanced canvas for those looking to create one a of a kind cocktail. It's perfect on its own as well, offering a light sweetness and buttery pallet experience. Each batch is bottled and signed by hand; an ode to our craft. 40% alc/vol. 80 proof.
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