A Very Special Day - Cask Strength Bourbon-Barrel Gin Release


We love all of our products, but as bad liquor parents, that love is inequitable in distribution.

Our golden son, our pride and joy, our Cask Strength Bourbon-Barrel Gin grew up today and was released out into the wild.  We don’t know what the world will show him, but we hope it’s kind enough to offer a cube and glass to rest his head for a fleeting moment.

Okay, we’ll cease to wax poetic.

Today, December 1st, 2016, is a very special day.  Our Cask Strength Bourbon-Barrel Gin is out for distribution in the Buffalo area for the first time since it’s sleepy release at our distillery in May…or June…I can’t remember.

Since that release, quite a bit has happened.  First of all, we didn’t sell out.  We thought we would have seeing there were less than 300 bottles in Batch 1, but on the release date, which was whispered of via our social media channels, only a couple Tommyrotter loyalists trickled through our distillery doors.  A disappointment for sure.

Production Assistant, Max, helps to package Batch 2

The Buffalo bartender scene helped spread the word of the new gin, but people we’re tied up with summer plans and intimidated by the high proof (it’s 122 proof).  Most of our bartender friends reported back to us, “We like it, but the average person is scared to death of it.”

The reaction to the combination of the product’s niche obscurity and high proof had us a bit discouraged.  We thought it was really good!  We were doubting our palates and our vision.  In hyperbolic exclamation of drama, I think I yelled, “Why don’t we just make a pumpkin spice vodka and call it a day?!”

Then the good news came.  Double Gold Medal AND Best In Show in the 2016 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition!  We were floored.  What a victory!  Soon after, the phone started ringing in the distillery office inquiring about our new gin.  We high-fived and then looked at our production floor…”Oh, no. We should have made more.”

Today, is months past that celebration and the release of Batch 2.  We harvested the barrels and bottled the batch over the week leading up to Thanksgiving.  Monocle Magazine came in from their New York City office to film the occasion.  Cases of this very special gin will be shipped across New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania over the next couple months.  We’ve committed to releasing this gin just twice year; things that are special should always stay that way.  As Batch 2 heads out the door, we’ve finished casking Batch 3 and neatly tucked the barrels away for winter hibernation and a spring release.

Assistant Distiller, Fred, preps barrels to be filled for Batch 3

Climbing upon a newly filled barrel bounty before racking them for the winter

Don't walk, RUN, to the select liquor stores below (please note that the list is evolving!) and grab a bottle to share in one of the most passionate expressions of Tommyrotter Distillery. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.


Bobby Finan (Master Distiller)


 If you read all of that above and now are wondering what the hell these guys are rambling on about, let us introduce our Cask Strength Bourbon-Barrel Gin.

A perfect intersection of the gin and whiskey world. It’s the right choice for the adventurous drinker who is ready to take on a high-proof, category bending libation.

Distilled in the same fashion as our award-winning American Gin, we use the identical twelve botanicals to flavor our signature herbaceous, citrusy gin. In true bourbon fashion, the unaged spirit was placed in virgin White American Oak char #3 barrels at 62.5% ABV to rest post-distillation. Through evaporative loss over the maturation period, the alcohol level dipped to 122 Proof. It was passed through a light particle filter to remove the residual charcoal fragments left behind from the inside of the charred barrels. No chill-filtration was utilized as to not disturb the delicate essential oils that maintain the spirit’s gin profile. Each bottle was filled and labeled by hand in our distillery in the historic Hydraulics manufacturing district of Buffalo, NY.

After we turn off the lights of the production floor, we drink this gin in a rocks glass with a couple ice cubes. It’s fantastic in a Negroni, Manhattan, Gold Rush, or Fitzgerald.

Our Cask Strength Bourbon-Barrel Gin model shot (Photo by Luke Copping)


Drinkers will enjoy a rich copper hue, with aromas of violets, baked pear, fennel, and honeyed nutmeg. Hitting the palate with full weight and a rounded texture there are notes of apricot, clove spice, and citrus peel. The lingering finish dances with white peppercorn, toasted ginger, and a warming vanilla spice.


Double Gold & Best In Show - 2016 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition


*This list is evolving and will be updated as distribution progresses


Addy’s Wine & Spirits – Williamsville

Butler Liquors – Kenmore

Caputi’s Northtown Liquor – Amherst

Georgetown Square Liquor – Williamsville

Isleview Fine Wine & Spirits –Tonawanda

Lexi’s Fine Wine & Spirits – Amherst

On The Rox Liquors – Amherst

Passport Wine & Spirits – Clarence

Premier Wine & Spirits – Amherst

Premium Wine & Spirits – Williamsville

Straight Up Wine & Spirits – Kenmore

The Wine Room – Williamsville

Walnut St. Liquor Store – Lockport

Wine World – Amherst


Amherst St. Wine & Liquor- Buffalo

Paradise Wine – Buffalo

Gates Circle Liquor Store – Buffalo

Hodge Wine & Liquor – Buffalo

Beaver Liquor – Buffalo

Queen City Liquor - Buffalo


Aurora Liquor – East Aurora

Salut Wine & Spirits – East Aurora

Cavalier Wine & Spirits – Lackawanna

McKinley Liquor – Blasdell

Prestige Wine & Spirits  - Orchard Park

Brierwood Wine & Spirits – Hamburg

Elma Liquor – Elma


Century Wine and Liquors – Rochester

Country Club Liquor Mart - Rochester

East Avenue Liquor - Rochester

Lisa's Liquor Barn - Penfield

Mahan Discount Liquor - Brockport

Marketview Liquor - Rochester

Pedullla's Wine & Liquor - Geneva

Webster Wine & Spirits - Webster